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Polpo al limone


Tentaculos del puplo marinados en limón, pepino dill, apio, palta y alioli de limón.

  • Wine Suggestion: Sauvignon Blanc

Tequeños di mare

Deep fried dumpling crispy stuffed with shrimp and cheese, with an avocado dip

  • Wine suggestion: Chardonnay

Crostini baguette with garlic scented and pomodore with olive oil octopus, peperonata, artichoke dip and cream cheese


Duo salmone affumicato

Smoked salmon (hot and cold) with octopus tentacles, a palm heart pure, pickled onions and ginger-mango sauce

  • Wine suggestion: Chardonnay

Typical Sicilian recipe of rice spheres sprinkle, stuffed with cheese, pomodore sauce and a fresh arugula salad sprinkle with White truffle oil

  • Wine suggestion: Chardonnay



Della nonna

Green leaves selection, gruyere cheese, avocado, croutons, smoked bacon, quale egg and crispy chicken and balsamic vinegar dressing.

  • Wine suggestion: Chardonnay

Caprese del chef

Arugula salad, cherry tomato, italian mozzarella seasoned with a basil pesto dressing

  • Wine suggestion: Chardonnay


Hidroponic lettuce, arugula, watercress, goat cheese, black olives, artichoke hearts, purple onion rings, avocado , tomato and sherry dressing

  • Wine suggestion: Sauvignon Blanc



Zuppa Di Mare

Seafood soup sambuca flambed accompanied with vegetables and potatoes scented with cilantro

  • Wine suggestion: Sauvignon Blanc

Primi piatti


Cipini tutto mare

Premium assorted (steamed) shellfish and ceviche. Salsas on the side

  • Wine suggestion: Sauvignon blanc

Ceviche dal giorno

Fish of the day, shrimp, red onion, green Chilean chilli, cilantro, pica lemon juice

  • Wine suggestion: Sauvignon blanc

Marinated octopus sheets with citric olives dressing

  • Wine Suggestion: Sauvignon blanc

Cappesanti del greco

Gratinated scallops with goat, buttery and parmesan cheese and fresh oregano

  • Wine suggestion: Chardonnay

Pesci e frutti di mare

Fish & Seafood

Corvina o reineta tutto mare

Pan fry selected fish with chickpea puré and sautéed assorted shellfish lemon dash

  • Wine suggestion: Sauvignon blanc

Pesce san valentino

Grilled swordfish with saffron risotto and shrimp ragú

  • Wine Suggestion: Chardonnay

Salmone e gnocchi

Pan fry salmon with crispy gnocchi, hearts of artichokes, fava beans, basil pesto yogurt and pistachio butter

  • Wine suggestion: Merlot

Congrio portofino

Grilled conger eal steak, arugula, watercress, avocado and shrimp baby salad, sauteéd diced artichoke and capers with lemon perfume

  • Wine suggestion: Sauvignon blanc

Congrio voltri

Crumb-fried conger eal with Chilean baby tomato and potato salad

  • Wine Suggestion: Chardonnay

Merluza austral

Grilled hake, zucchini cannelloni stuffed with creamy quinoa , crispy potato linguini and sundried tomato pesto

  • Wine suggestion: Pinot Noir


white meat

Confit di anantra

Orange sauce duck confit, accompanie with polenta crisp and sauteéd mushrooms.

  • Wine suggestion: Merlot

Garron di agnelo magallánico

Back lamb shank, cooked sous ­ vide Cvacuum), accompanied with creamy basil pesto polenta.

  • Wine Suggestion: Cabernet Sauvignon

Grilled beef fillet with foie gras with truffled carrot pure & carmenere reduction.

  • Wine suggestion: Syrah

Asado de tira braseado

Cow cutlet cooked at low temperature in its own juice, accompanied by husked wheat cream. (12 hours of vaccum cooking).

  • Wine suggestion: Cabernet SauvignonCobernet Souvignon

Risotto & Pastas

Risotto tutto mare

Risotto and premium assorted shellfish with prosecco perfume

  • Wine suggestion: Carmenere

Panzotti mediterráneo

Hand-made pasta stuffed with shrimp and scallops paste with pomodore-bacon sauce

  • Wine Suggestion: Sauvignon blanc & Pinot Noir

Ravioli santa margherita

Hand-made Spinach ravioli stuffed with chicken and nuts paste in a soft basil cream

  • Cepa recomendada: Merlot

Ravioli de melanzane e pomodoro secchi

Hand-made pasta stuffed with eggplant pure, sundried tomato, goat cheese, fennel and chardonnay emulsion, cherry tomato and basil pesto

  • Wine suggestion: Merlot

Fettuccini portofino

Hand-made pasta with sauteéd shrimps, avocado, garlic, basil, lime lemon and cilantro

  • Wine suggestion: Sauvignon blanc & Pinot Noir

Tagliatelle al funghi

Hand-made pasta with diced tenderloin sauteéd with mushrooms and demi glace finished with cilantro

  • Wine suggestions: Merlot


Chardonay Sour


Amaretto Sour


Jerez Sour




Jerez tío Pepe


Copa de Espumante


Kir Royale






Special Sours

Pisco Sour Portofino

Pica lemon juice, gum syrup, and drops of angostura bitter.

Control Sour C

Pico lemon juice, gum syrup, Pisco Control C and a soft hint of ginger.




Agua Mineral Perrier


Jugos Naturales





Mojito Tradicional

Mix of lemon juice, mint, gum syrup, Havana rum, frappe ice and soda.

Apple Mojito

Ideal combination for Green Apple lovers.

Raspberry Mojito

A light raspberry scent to refresh your palad.

Reloaded Mojito

Poro aumentar lo adrenalina agregamos uno bebido energizonte.


Premium e Internacionales



Royal Guard




Austral Lager




Lager- Bock- Torobayo

Kunstmann 500 cc


Gran Torobayo -Anwandter


Sin Alcohol

Heineken 0°



De Especialidad





St Germain


*Ask for your season kuntsmann



Purea di patate

Puré de papas

Patate cotte

papas cocidas



Insalata della stagione

Ensalada de la estación


Guiso de berenjenas y vegetales al pomodoro

Funghi Saltati

Champiñones salteados


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